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Unfair terms could lead to employment contract disputes

When a person obtains a new job, signing a contract may seem like a good idea. The agreement can help individuals on both sides of the arrangement understand expectations in regard to the services provided. However, when terms prove to be too strict or outlandish, or when a party violates the terms, employment contract disputes could take place.

Texas residents may be interested in this type of situation currently surrounding Sinclair Broadcast Group. Apparently, reporters and other individuals working for Sinclair-affiliated news stations worked under contracts indicating that the company could take up to 40 percent of the employee’s annual pay in the event that the employee left his or her job early. It was reported that many workers indicated that this clause has prevented them from leaving their jobs, despite disagreeing with certain actions carried out by the company.

One woman in particular stated that she left her job as an on-air reporter in order to pursue a career in another industry. As a result, she provided notice and left her job at a news station 11 months early. Over a year later, she received notice that Sinclair Broadcast Group was suing her for over $17,000. She felt that the enforcement of the compensation clause was unfair as she did not leave her job for a competitor or even a similar job in the same industry.

Many individuals feel that these contracts are unfair and the terms unprecedented. As a result, it could potentially lead to further employment contract disputes. If Texas residents feel that the terms of their employment contracts are problematic or face other issues in relation to agreements, they may want to find out more information on their legal options.

Source: Newsweek, “‘I’m Not a Slave to Sinclair Broadcasting’: ‘Trapped’ Reporters Sued for Leaving Company Speak Out“, Nicole Goodkind, April 9, 2018