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Employment contract disputes can delay new terms

Contracts are often useful employment documents that can be beneficial to both employers and employees. However, contract terms often have expiration dates, and when they expire, new terms are often needed. In some cases, those terms may be reached easily, but in others, employment contract disputes could cause a final decision to be delayed.

Texas residents may be interested in this type of situation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a hospital and its nurses have been working to come to terms on a new three-year employment contract. The workers want a 23 percent pay increase over the next three years as well as additional staffing. The union representing the workers is also vying for a $15 minimum wage for all workers at the hospital. The nurses staged a two-day walk out a couple of months ago in relation to the contract dispute.

The report went on to state that the hospital has countered the demands with an offer of a 13 percent pay increase. Apparently that offer nearly doubles what the hospital initially offered when negotiations began. At the time of the report, a press conference was planned but had not yet been held in relation to the situation.

Employment contract disputes are complex matters to navigate. Businesses and employees often have set terms they want to achieve, and negotiations can be precarious at best. When facing this type of situation, it makes sense to have the advice of legal professionals. Knowledgeable Texas employment attorneys can help provide information on this type of scenario and other contract issues.