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Lawsuit results from intellectual property infringement

There are many facets to starting and running a business in Texas and elsewhere that can help it thrive. Intellectual property, like trademarks, can play a major role in how a company operates and how customers recognize a brand. Issues can result when another business steals or otherwise uses that property for its own gain.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed in another state in relation to this type of issue. Apparently, the case involves two brewing companies with similar names. Priest Lake Brewing Co. registered its business name with the state, and a month after doing so, the company president attempted to contact the operator of the other company, Priest Lake Brewing, to inform him of the trademark and infringement that was occurring due to their similar names.

Attempts to contact the operator of the second business did not result in any reply, which led to the lawsuit. The president of the first company hopes that the suit will address the infringement and that successful outcomes will include the second company no longer using the name and also forfeiting profits made as a result of the trademark infringement. They are also pursuing treble punitive damages.

A considerable amount of damage can affect a company when its intellectual property is used by another business. As this case shows, Texas business owners may have reason to take legal action in order to protect their companies’ best interests. To determine the best course of action for doing so, it may be wise for interested parties to speak with their legal counsel and explore their available options.