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Makers of Splenda settle business litigation over trademark issue

Most companies work hard to make their products easily recognizable. They want their customers to look for a logo or other, often trademarked image that lets them know that the product inside is of a high quality. However, some other companies selling similar products may attempt to make their appearance similar to others, which can cause issues that may lead to business litigation.

Texas residents may be interested in a legal case involving trademark infringement between the makers of Splenda and a franchisor of multiple restaurant chains. Reports stated that the franchisor was using a lower quality artificial sweetener in a package that looked similar to that of Splenda. Patrons of establishments like IHOP and Applebee’s were given this off-brand option when they requested Splenda.

The makers of Splenda filed suit, claiming trademark infringement, unfair competition and other violations. Recently, the case came to a settlement, and the franchisor will now provide Splenda in yellow packets with stars and stripes. A statement from the artificial sweetener makers described the end result as an “amicable resolution” to the dispute. It was also noted that this is not the first lawsuit of its kind that the makers filed and also settled.

Companies can suffer in many ways when another business attempts to infringe on trademarks or other types of intellectual property. If Texas company owners believe that they have been subjected to such violations, they may wish to consider their options for business litigation. Filing lawsuits may give them a legal avenue to pursue the best outcomes for their particular predicaments.