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Employment contract disputes lead hotel workers to strike

Contracts are useful documents in the business world. Business owners can create agreements between vendors, shareholders, partners, employees, and many other individuals or entities. While these documents can provide a layer of protection, it is not unusual for employment contract disputes to come about.

Texas readers may be interested in strikes currently underway in another state, involving Marriott International hotel workers. The strikes have taken place in three different locations and occurred due to the labor union and Marriott being unable to come to new contract terms. The workers are hoping to obtain protections from sexual harassment, assault and replacement by technology, and they also want higher wages. They would also like the company to provide panic buttons so that workers could call for help in the event that a hotel guest attempts to harass or attack a worker.

Reports stated that Marriott implemented a new program that would allow guests to decline housekeeping services as a way to have a better impact on the environment. However, the workers believe that this tactic was used to limit employee hours. The company issued a statement, indicating that they are disappointed in the strike but will continue hotel operations and welcome workers who wish to continue carrying out duties.

Employment contract disputes can be difficult to address as employers and employees both have needs they want to meet. Negotiations can go on for some time, and it is possible for litigation to result. Texas business owners who are dealing with such conflicts may want to discuss their options with their legal counsel and determine best strategies for negotiations.