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Intellectual property dispute: Designer files suit against Etsy

Coming up with an original idea takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Artists, writers, designers and other creative types often put their blood, sweat and tears into their creations. Because these individuals want to protect their work, they often put copyrights and trademarks into effect. However, some individuals may still infringe on their intellectual property.

Texas readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed by a designer against popular selling site Etsy, one of the site’s sellers and a print-on-demand service. According to reports, the seller has apparently been putting an image, which the designer created and copyrighted, onto products, such as shirts and mugs, and selling the products on the Etsy site. The design referenced in the lawsuit is known as the “Beer Eye Chart.”

The designer claims that she has suffered harm due to the seller’s actions. It was not mentioned in the report what exact compensation the designer may be pursuing through the suit. It was noted that the judge presiding over the case provided information on settlement policies and encouraged alternative dispute resolution as opposed to litigation.

Intellectual property is important to individuals and their businesses for numerous reasons. When a person infringes on a copyrighted image, taking legal action may be necessary to prevent further damages from occurring. Individuals in Texas who believe that they have suffered from such infringement may want to speak with legal professionals regarding their options for protecting their IP and for handling disputes with infringing parties.