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Tesla involved in business litigation with former employees

Successful Texas businesses often employ numerous individuals in order to keep operations up and running. While having this help can be beneficial, it also means that a company is more at risk of having trade secrets leaked or other intellectual property stolen. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is not unusual, and company owners often have to utilize business litigation in order to seek recompense.

It was recently reported that Tesla has filed suit against four former employees, claiming that those individuals provided confidential information to a rival company. The workers, who now work for a robo-taxi startup, are accused of sending that information from their work email accounts to personal accounts in order to utilize it later with their new employer. Tesla claims that by providing this information, the rival company was able to bypass years of effort needed in relation to operations development.

Telsa also accuses the individuals of hiring other former employees to the rival company. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 100 former Tesla employees work for the other company. Tesla claims that the four individuals named in the suit violated the terms of their employment contracts by disclosing confidential information and by poaching Tesla employees within a year of their leaving the company.

Rivalry can be good for business, but when former employees act in an unscrupulous manner, company owners often feel the need to step forward and protect their work. In some instances, as this case shows, it is necessary for companies to move forward with business litigation in order to protect their trade secrets and other intellectual property. Texas business owners in this type of predicament may want to discuss their options with their legal counsel.