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Commercial landlord utilizes litigation to seek money

Commercial property owners have a substantial number of tasks to handle. If the owners manage the property and act as landlords, they may find themselves facing disputes with their tenants from time to time. While some issues may be easily resolved, others may require litigation.

Texas readers may be interested in a dispute currently underway in another state. According to reports, claims have come against a Hallmark store that has operated out of a mall since the 1970s. The landlords for the space that Hallmark was leasing filed suit in regard to money or property owed to the mall owners from the store. Details on exactly what damages are being sought by the mall owners were not given in the report.

The Hallmark store itself has recently closed its doors permanently amid this dispute. Signs on the storefront thanked patrons for their loyalty. It was unclear whether this closure was directly related to the lawsuit against the store. The report stated that a hearing for the dispute had been scheduled. Additional information may become available as the case moves forward.

Having to move forward with litigation against a commercial tenant can certainly cause issues for commercial property owners. Still, the course of action may be one of the most viable in order to have disputes effectively handled. If commercial landlords in Texas are facing tenant issues or other problems with their property, they may wish to gain information on their legal options. Understanding the best possible avenues for seeking desired outcomes may help parties handle disputes in meaningful ways.