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Businesses need to take any potential lawsuit seriously

Business owners have a bottomless list of concerns they need to address. While keeping the lights on is at the top of that list, it is a mistake to overlook or ignore potential lawsuits regardless of the apparent validity of the claim.

Most threats of legal action for businesses involve a dissatisfied customer or a dispute with a business partner, and they never amount to litigation. However, owners still need to be proactive rather than hoping they would just go away.

Strategies for handling these disputes

Even when the premise is frivolous or silly, it is best to prepare by taking these measures:

  • Remain calm: The courts understand that plaintiffs may be looking for money or looking to cause trouble.
  • Stay civil: Fiery exchanges may be what they are looking for, so it is often best to avoid the temptation to fight fire with fire.
  • Weigh the costs: Depending on the costs, the long-term fallout and the premise, it may be less expensive to pay the money and move on to more important matters.
  • Pursue Vexatious Litigants: Litigants harassed by multiple suits from the same party can seek to have the other part listed as a Vexatious Litigant. They will then need a judge’s approval to pursue legal action.
  • Take them seriously: It is better to address matters proactively rather than incur the wrath of the court.

Frivolous lawsuits more common than many realize

Any business can become embroiled in a suit, petty or otherwise. It is best to discuss any potential litigation with a legal professional here in Dallas. They understand the laws and can often address an issue before it ever goes to court.  If litigation is unavoidable, they can also help protect all business interests to the full extent of the law.