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Understanding The Liability Of Officers, Directors And Employees

There are circumstances when officers or directors can be held liable for corporate actions. “Piercing the corporate veil” is when the court holds officers, directors and sometimes even shareholders liable for wrongdoing. Occasionally, a judge will allow plaintiffs to receive compensation from a corporation or its directors for damages. This changes on a case-by-case basis and depends on many factors, but there are some common rules. They include:

  • If a business is indistinguishable from its owners, the court will not allow owners to benefit from limited liability.
  • If a business fails to follow corporate rules (such as record-keeping), the court may impose liability on the individuals specifically controlling the business.
  • If a corporation is formed for fraudulent purposes, the court will allow recourse to the owners.

Knowing when and how to protect yourself is of the utmost importance. Our business litigation attorneys can work through your business plan and help you move toward a solution.

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