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Unfair Competition: What Does This Mean As A Client?

While both federal and state laws enforce proper business behavior, not everyone follows these rules. Whether or not such violations are intentional, your business deserves protection. Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC has helped clients throughout Texas deal with these difficult cases.

Common Forms Of Business Misconduct

There are several ways in which a business can mislead consumers and engage in fraud that hurts other businesses, too. Some of these include:

  • Trademark infringement, such as using a competitor’s logo
  • Unauthorized substitution of one brand for another
  • False advertisement, like making exaggerated and incorrect claims about a product to sell more
  • Misuse of trade secrets, including stealing information from another company for the business’s benefit

Businesses can sue for unfair competition, and monetary damages and injunctive relief are possible. The court will look at the number of claimed violations, the length of the misconduct and the seriousness of the error, as well as the company’s assets. Together, we will build the strongest possible case.

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