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Comprehensive Assistance With Business Contract Issues

“One of the tests of leadership is to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” Arnold Glasgow

A well-drafted business contract can spare you from significant risk and expense, preventing costly disputes and other liabilities. At Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, our attorneys are well-versed in the language of business agreements and can help you establish contracts that stand up to scrutiny.

We apply meticulous attention to detail to business contracts, working to identify unfavorable clauses, ambiguous language and other red flags that put our clients’ interests at risk.

Handling All Types Of Business Contracts

We apply this painstaking approach to a broad range of business contracts, including:

  • Partnership agreements: We help business partners protect their own interests and lay the groundwork for a successful business partnership.
  • Shareholder agreements: We represent minority and controlling shareholders in establishing all types of shareholder contracts.
  • Purchase and sale of business contracts: If you are seeking to buy or sell a business, we can analyze your contracts to make sure your interests are protected.
  • Severance agreements: When a key employee is terminated, a severance agreement can limit the employer’s exposure to a wrongful termination lawsuit and other liabilities.
  • Operating agreements: We help LLCs establish operating agreements that address key components of business operations such as assigning rights and duties.
  • Buy-sell agreements: Our lawyers can guide you through all aspects of buy-sell planning, including establishing strong business contracts.
  • Employment contracts: We represent employers and employees in drafting contracts, reviewing, negotiating and litigating all types of employment agreements, including enforceable non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Our skill and experience in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating business contracts help us reduce the likelihood of future legal disputes. When such contract disputes arise, we are prepared to protect our clients’ interests in and out of court.

Contact Our Attorneys

If you are seeking legal representation for establishing business contracts in Texas, our law firm is here for you. Contact us online or by telephone at local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 to arrange a consultation with an experienced business contract lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth.