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Dallas Breach Of Contract Lawyers

Under Texas law, you can pursue a breach of contract under several situations, even when there is not a written contract in place. The attorneys at Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, in Dallas understand complex breach of contract guidelines.

We will aggressively fight on your behalf when a party fails to:

  • Provide appropriate goods or services
  • Deliver or do something promised
  • Pay a promissory note
  • Comply with any contract terms, including employment contracts

With more than 70 years of cumulative experience, our legal team has extensive litigation experience. If we can’t resolve your issue with a demand letter, we will file a breach of contract claim and pursue your lawsuit in court.

We possess the tools, skills, resources and fortitude required to successfully fight for you in court.

Aggressive Litigation Attorneys

Our Texas breach of contract attorneys draft appropriate demand letters. We know that after 30 days, under state law we can recoup attorney fees for your case. However, we also aggressively plan and execute litigation strategies to protect your best interests.

Our lawyers have handled countless breach of contract claims. We understand the great lengths defendants will go to get out of paying for services or goods. They often claim services or products were defective. We know how to investigate these accusations and present evidence to support the terms and conditions of your contract.

We are more than just a debt collection law firm. We also provide extensive breach of contract and business litigation representation. Our litigation representation extends to mediation, court hearings, pretrial proceedings and documentation. We are committed to protecting your interests at every stage of your case.

Our Dallas breach of contract attorneys possess sophisticated knowledge of Texas corporate law. We can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. Call local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 or use our contact form to provide more background on your case and schedule a consultation.