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Creditor Proof Of Claim In Bankruptcy

In order to receive money from a trustee taking control of a debtor’s debt upon filing for bankruptcy, the creditor must file a formal proof of claim with the court. A proof of claim must accurately explain the legal reasons why a creditor is owed money, as well as the amount owed.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, the debtor may challenge the creditor’s claim for payment. In a Chapter 7 filing, however, only the trustee may challenge the creditor’s proof of claim.

As a creditor, you are required to provide evidence of money owed, contractual obligations and rights, and evidence of available assets. Filing an acceptable proof of claim is often more challenging than it might appear on the surface.

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We Protect Creditors’ Rights Throughout The Bankruptcy Proceeding

We are a team of experienced Texas creditors’ rights attorneys with decades of experience helping creditors protect themselves from financial losses in bankruptcy court. We will handle every detail of the proof of claim and bankruptcy proceeding on your behalf, including attending the 341 creditors’ rights meeting and the adversary proceeding to challenge a bankruptcy discharge, if necessary.

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