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If You’ve Acquired Assets, Estate Planning Is Essential

While planning for the future can be intimidating, it is especially important for those who have acquired assets throughout their lives. If you don’t have a plan in place, others will be forced to make decisions on your behalf – leaving them in a difficult position and your needs not necessarily being met. You need an attorney you can trust. Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, has helped clients create and maintain estate plans for nearly 70 combined years.

What If I Don’t Make An Estate Plan?

An estate plan allows you to make decisions on everything from your medical treatment to the distribution of your property. It can be quite overwhelming, but it is necessary. Our firm has helped families from all different backgrounds. One thing is for certain: We have been trusted with building a future our clients can feel secure about.

If you don’t have a plan, others will have to make decisions for you. For example, if you are unable to communicate your wishes should you be incapacitated, family members may argue about what to do. In another circumstance, if there is a dispute over your assets, it will go to court. It is often costly and expenses add up quickly. Taxes go through the roof. The process also is notoriously slow. Deciding whether to sell your property or divide it up leaves families conflicted. It puts a strain on nearly everyone involved.

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All of these difficult decisions require experienced legal guidance. You will want to ensure that your needs are being properly documented. We can help you – whether you are just getting started or you want to update your estate plan. Call our Dallas office at local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 or fill out our contact form.