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Charles and the Kaplan & Cruz team were very knowledgeable and professional in the handling our lease termination. Pleasant experience working with them throughout the process.

-Bryan C.

An opportunity developed for me to purchase a small high-end home décor table-top glass company, but I had to move quickly. Fortunately, Angelita Delgadillo and Charles Kaplan with Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC answered the call. They provided me excellent legal counsel then quickly prepared the necessary documents for me to get the deal done in a timely manner including a Letter of Intent, Confidentiality Agreement, Bill of Sale, Purchase Agreement, Consulting Agreement and New Company Agreement. This firm provided me the knowledge, care, understanding, attention and professionalism you might expect from a good corporate law firm. I highly recommend Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC.

-Jeff G.

Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC did such a professional job on laying groundwork and then masterfully handling bankruptcy court procedures. Thanks to them, we prevailed in not only getting the property, but also being able to responsibly focus on the people side in paying all the small and large sub-contractors, 100 cents on the dollar.

-Maxwell D.

I have personally known Charles Kaplan for nearly 30 years and James Moon for the last five years. During this time Charles and James have been an important legal resource for me personally and corporate. Of particular note was the filing against an insurance company that failed to pay on a corporate D&O policy. One of the more important aspects of the case was the multiple depositions. Charles Kaplan gave invaluable advice, prep, guidance and counsel that were needed to achieve success in the matter. Recently, the counsel of Kaplan and Cruz were instrumental in a full reorganization and roll up of several operating companies under a holding company. Furthermore, I have personally sought out Charles Kaplan’s advice on multiple personal matters. Charles and James do not shy away from difficult situations, rather they seem to relish the challenge and provide the needed legal expertise to fully comprehend the ramifications of any legal action. Our relationship has progressed over the years and I have no hesitation in recommending Charles Kaplan or James Moon as corporate or personal counsel.

-Scott W.

I am an active member of the District of Columbia Bar since 1963 and the U.S Supreme Court since 1970. I have known Charles Kaplan since 1977 when I became a partner in the Washington D.C. office, and he became a partner in the Palm Beach office, of Baskin & Sears, a national law firm. During our association with Baskin & Sears, and in our continued association to the present, I worked with him on many legal matters for a wide variety of clients. These matters included tax and business planning for corporations, partnerships, individuals and estates. In addition, we jointly represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service and many state agencies. I can attest highly to his legal skills, his excellent relationships with clients and his advocacy on behalf of their legal matters.

-Donald H.

Charles Kaplan and his law firm have been my attorneys for personal and business matters since 2004 in both Florida and Texas. Mr. Kaplan is thorough, thinks ahead, and is a great strategist. He understands the pros and cons in litigating matters and constantly thinks about a successful business outcome in all of my matters. His expertise as a negotiator and litigator became clear from the start, and I have been extremely pleased with the results of numerous and varied legal matters.

Edward K.