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Obtaining The Funding Your Business Needs

For assistance contacting and negotiating with private equity companies and other potential sources of business funding and financing, contact Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC.

Helping Businesses In Every Industry Obtain Funding

Our business funding practice is dedicated to helping you secure the funds you need to grow and operate your business at any stage of its development. Our legal specialists have helped businesses raise millions of dollars in almost every industry through private placement, offering memorandums and bank financing. We have also worked on negotiating private equity financing and mezzanine debt financing.

Business Lawyers Whom Others Look To For Guidance

Businesses in Texas or elsewhere would be hard-pressed to find more eminently qualified business attorneys to guide them through business financing decisions and transactions. Attorney Kaplan has owned and operated manufacturing enterprises.

Protect Your Assets; Grow Your Business

Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain business financing, plan and facilitate business growth, and manage business operations with full protection of business principals’ personal assets.

Consider Tax Laws And Their Impact

Discuss with a highly qualified Dallas business law attorney how to tailor the most tax advantageous business-planning vehicles for existing and startup companies. Explore the most profitable ways to negotiate and prepare purchase and sale agreements for both personal and business assets. Contact us online or by telephone at local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 for a consultation.