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Failure to comply could lead to contract disputes

When individuals have business interests they want to protect, they may want to prevent their employees or former employees from potentially putting the company at risk. In some cases, Texas business owners choose to utilize noncompete agreements and other employment contracts in hopes of reducing that risk. Of course, some issues could still arise that lead to contract disputes.

It was recently reported that a real estate broker in another state filed a lawsuit against a former employee for breaching a noncompete agreement. Reports stated that the worker had signed the agreement after she obtained a increase in her shared portion of the real estate deals. The agreement indicated that the woman would not compete with the agency for two years within a restricted area.

The woman left her job with the company, and soon after began working within the area restricted in the noncompete agreement. As a result, her previous employer filed the lawsuit for breach of contract. It was recently reported that the judge ruled in the company’s favor. This ruling led the woman to withdraw her real estate listings in the area, but she stated that she will continue to fight against the lawsuit.

Contract disputes can be difficult to address, but litigation may be necessary when someone fails to adhere to the terms of a contract. If Texas business owners have had issues with noncompete agreements or other employment contracts, they may want to explore their legal options. Speaking with their legal counsel could help them determine the best courses of action for their particular cases.

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