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Trademark infringement may lead to intellectual property dispute

Most Texas business owners want their clients and customers to know that they provide quality products and services. Often, companies will take steps to set themselves and their brands apart from competitors. Because they want their customers and potential customers to remember their businesses, they may create trademarks for those individuals to associate with their brand and quality service or products. Of course, some other parties may attempt to infringe on trademarks, and as a result, an intellectual property dispute could come about.

In order for infringement to take place, an actual trademark must have been established. This action could help protect images, words or phrases that companies have created to specifically associate with their brands. For instance, many people can easily recognize Apple products due to the iconic, trademarked image of an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Of course, other businesses may attempt to use a version of another company’s trademark in hopes that consumers will think their products have similar quality. However, this could have tremendously negative impacts on the brand of the trademark owner. Therefore, if there are companies using images or phrases that are too close to a trademark, it may constitute infringement.

Intellectual property often has important roles in businesses and can greatly affect their successes. In the event that Texas companies believe that their trademarks have been infringed upon, they may need to explore their legal options. In order to protect the best interests of their companies, speaking with experienced attorneys may be wise.