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Lease dispute, deceitful actions lead to commercial litigation

When individuals enter into a business agreement, it is important to have contracts so that everyone understands the arrangement. However, even with leases in place, commercial litigation can still take place if the business manager and landlord face disagreements. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon.

Texas residents may be interested in a lawsuit that is currently underway in another state. Reports stated that a man had entered into a commercial lease with the owner of a campground in order to act as the manager of the grounds during camping season, which is May to October. However, due to recent disputes between the man and the landlord, he has been unable to open the grounds for the camping season. The issue apparently involves the fact that the man has been working to improve the grounds for the last two years, but now the landlord reportedly wants to evict him.

The landlord claims that the desire to evict the man comes from lease violations that he has apparently committed and having thousands of dollars in debt to the landlord for unpaid rent and utilities. In the claim the man filed against the landlord, he stated that she has acted unfairly and deceptively in attempts to put him out of business. In addition to trying to evict him, the landlord also allegedly coerced the man into signing a new lease with different terms.

Real estate can be a tricky area in any case, and when commercial property and a person’s livelihood is at stake, the situation can be more serious. If Texas residents have faced issues with their businesses and the properties they are leasing, they may need information on their legal options. If the situation becomes too difficult to handle on their own, they may need to consider commercial litigation.