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Missed deadlines can be contract breaches

In many cases, a contract breach means that goods or services were never provided. For instance, a general contractor may have hired a roofing company to put a roof on a new build, but the company never shows up and doesn’t complete the project. They have violated their contract, especially if they already took money for services that were never performed.

But there can be other breaches, such as when the other party simply misses a deadline. This may not seem as serious as a complete failure to adhere to the contract, but it can still be a significant breach. Even if the other party says that they will fulfill their contractual obligations at a later date, that could be too late.

Parts and materials

For example, many companies that manufacture consumer products will buy the parts and materials from other suppliers. They simply do the assembly.

But if one of those suppliers misses a deadline, then the assembly line grinds to a halt. No one else can proceed because they don’t have the necessary materials on hand.

This can cost the company a significant amount of money in lost production. They could also lose sales because they aren’t creating products and fulfilling orders or getting them on shelves. As you can see, just because the contract is eventually fulfilled doesn’t mean that the missed deadline had no impact on the other company.

What options do you have?

If you and your business are in this situation, you could be looking at a significant financial loss. Make sure that you know exactly what legal options you have and what steps to take next.