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Skilled Help Every Step Of The Way During The Mergers And Acquisitions Processes

Business growth may occur organically within an established business structure, or it may be facilitated and accelerated through mergers and acquisitions. Discuss your business goals and how to best ensure present and future success of your enterprises with an experienced business law attorney at Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC.

Contact a business lawyer who is also a businessman, who understands the intricacies of tax laws as they pertain to mergers and acquisitions, and who can bring the advantages of years of experience to bear on your business growth plans in Texas, in Florida, in Washington, D.C., in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Eminently Qualified Business Lawyers

Businesses in Texas or elsewhere would be hard-pressed to find more eminently qualified business attorneys to guide them through mergers and acquisitions. Attorney Kaplan has owned and operated manufacturing enterprises.

Handling All Phases And Aspects Of Mergers And Acquisitions

Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, consists of attorneys who have advised and guided scores of successful businesses through mergers, purchase and sales of assets, purchase and sales of securities, and implementation of change of control events such as tender offers and proxy contests.

Helping Position Businesses For Growth And Success

We represent purchasers, sellers, lenders, and financial advisers in all phases of mergers and acquisitions. We deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to these corporate transactions by covering antitrust, real estate, environmental, corporate, employee benefits, labor, intellectual property, and financing expertise at the due diligence stage and at the agreement and closing stages.

Contact a business lawyer at Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, to facilitate your business transactions with an eye on your present and future successes.