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Unsecured Debt

When an individual or business takes on unsecured debt, it does not relieve the debtor of contractual obligations, simply because there is no security interests on the loan. If you are a creditor facing financial losses because a debtor in Texas is unwilling or unable to repay money borrowed on an unsecured debt, call the creditors’ rights attorneys at Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC. We are recognized among the leading debt collections law firms in Texas, providing litigation services for creditors across the country and around the world who have debtors in Texas.

From offices in Dallas, Kaplan & Cruz, PLLC, lawyers provide debt collection and creditors’ rights services for national and international clients who have debt collection and judgment litigation needs in Texas. Call us toll free at local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 or contact us by email to arrange an initial consultation with one of our Dallas unsecured debt lawyers.

We understand the delicate balance between collecting on unsecured debt and harm it can do in terms of future business and public relations. We take an intelligent, creative and legal approach to recovering the money you are owed. Because we are not a collection agency, we have the power of litigation on our side. We can turn to the courts, when necessary, to enforce contracts and pressure debtors into arranging an acceptable repayment plan, rather than seek protection through bankruptcy.

Why Us, Rather Than A Collection Agency?

Under state and federal law, collections agencies are limited in the actions they can take when collecting on a debt. Despite threats, collections agencies know that the best they can typically do is offer deep discounts in the amount of the debt owned. Debtors, in turn, know that they only need to hold out and hang on until the debt is substantially reduced. In the end, the debtor pays less, the collection agency keeps a large percentage of the amount collected and the creditor ends up with pennies on the dollar.

As licensed attorneys, we use the reality of a breach of contract lawsuit to collect the amount owed or force the debtor into coming to terms with a realistic repayment plan. We provide our services at a reasonable, agreed-upon rate. You keep every dollar of the amount the debtor repays, and we bill you for the prearranged amount. We will be proud to show you our successful record of representative cases.

Call A Fort Worth Bankruptcy Debt Collection Lawyer At Our Firm Today

Our legal team represents national and international clients who are involved in debt collections or judgment litigation with debtors anywhere in Texas. With more than 30 years of experience, we maintain excellent client service through email, phone and fax. Please call us toll free at local 214-473-5774  or toll free 877-779-6001 to discuss your unique situation, or you can contact us by email.